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If you are preparing and studying towards your OOW Unlimited Certificate of Competency, the information contained within these tutorials will be of great benefit to you.

Over the last few years, I have provided my own interpretation of SQA solutions on my you tube channel and many students have suggested that an online learning website like this would be really beneficial.

There are two main sections:

  1. OOW Stability
  2. OOW Navigation


Tutorial Content

The sections cover an extensive range of topics that are required learning outcomes and I have provided written notes and videos to help you not only solve problems but help in understanding what you are doing – simply learning calculations parrot fashion is of no use if there is a twist to a question.


As a subscriber, you are welcome to email me with any queries, which I will look to answer in a timely manner.

I am also able to offer private tuition via Skype, either for a full hour or half an hour. This service is not covered by your subscription. Please get in touch if you’d like to enquire about or book some private tuition.



All solutions to calculations and any theory information provided is simply my own interpretation. I have no access to model answers.

There may be typo errors, I am only human! But do please let me know if you find any.



Any subscriber who attempts to have multiple users from their subscription will have their membership cancelled.

The monthly fee at set at a very reasonable amount to help cover all costs and time involved in creating these tutorials for you, therefore please respect all the effort I am making in helping you to pass your exams.

The monthly subscription grants you unlimited access.


Enjoy your learning.  Let’s get started!

Kind regards,

Philip Ashton


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